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Release File Status

The status we associate with a release file is intended to help you decide if it is right for you. We use the following definitions.

  • Alpha - A file not ready for beta testing. This normally means developers are still verifying the upload to

  • Beta - A file released for beta testing. Anyone may be a beta tester simply by downloading a beta file, trying it out, and turning in bug reports. Select this version if you are interested in testing the latest features. Obviously, you should not select a beta release for a critical production application.

  • Reject - A former beta release found to be defective. The release notes on this site are updated to explain the reason for rejection.

  • Best - The best available release for a given platform. A file will go from beta to best if it survives the beta test period and is, in our judgement, based on tester feedback, "better" than the previous best. This is the recommended release for normal users.

  • Good - A former best release from which one need not hurry to upgrade, unless you are in need of new features or bug fixes provided by the current best release.

  • Obsolete - A former best release that is no longer recommended because it lags far behind the current best. If you are using an obselete release, we recommend upgrading to a current good or best release.

  • Recall - A former best release that is discovered to have a significant defect, such as a security vulnerability. If you are using a recalled release, you should upgrade to a good or best release as quickly as your change control process allows.

Rejected, recalled and obselete release files will remain on our download list until all files for the version (major.minor) fall into one of these states and at least two newer versions are available.

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